The Argenti Strategy Management System (SMS)
Local4You is working with Argenti Systems to introduce The Argenti Strategy Management System (SMS) to Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the United Kingdom.
This is the cloud-based, interactive version of The Argenti System of Strategic Planning that has been used by over 2000 major enterprises around the world to successfully seize the opportunities and mitigate the threats of a changing and challenging business environment.

The Argenti System takes the top management through a six Stage process to develop a Set of Strategies that will significantly improve the enterprise's performance. The key to the approach is in our catch-phrase: "Strategic Elephants" - the process to concentrate on those few, but massively important, factors that are crucial to future success.

Incorporated in the Argenti System is The Knowledge, an extensive, detailed glossary of the lessons that have been learnt, sometimes painfully, by companies developing effective strategies in both benign and difficult circumstances. And there is a Case Study. As you move through the six Stages. you will see how one company (based on a real Argenti client) tackled each of the steps.

And Local4You can provide you with support at every stage with their unique Facilitation Programme - driving your enterprise forward to an effective Set of Strategies.

Read more about The Argenti Strategy Management System here.

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