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Customs Declarations

On 1 January 2021, the UK's trading world changed dramatically. Despite a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU), obstructive customs regulations came in to place between the UK and its largest market for the first time in several decades.

Whilst tariffs and quotas on many products were eliminated by the FTA, other regulations came into force because the UK would now be treated as a non-EU country. This affected the preparation of paperwork, costs and sales and distribution times for imports and exports - in particular for agriculture and foodstuffs.

In the worst case, these new regulations could erase any profitability from trading with the EU.
See how Local4You can help you overcome the obstacles of import and export with the EU - whether you are an emerging or established Small- or Medium-sized enterprise.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Effective CRM lets businesses successfully interact with established customers as well as chasing and converting leads to sales. International businesses in particular must manage customers in different geographies, with different commercial practices and different means of importing and exporting their products.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is deservedly the most popular product in this category gaining worldwide recognition for its outstanding functionality and cost effectiveness for the Small- and Medium-sized business.

Local4You has developed a Salesforce solution for its customers that captures business interactions with UK and EU partners including customs-related activities where necessary. Thus all the information is in one place providing a comprehensive view of commercial dealings throughout Europe.

See how Local4You's CRM solution can enhance the productivity of your enterprise in dealing with international clients.

Data Solutions

The advent of General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) as enabled by UK legislation has focussed businesses on the importance of protecting Personal Information and evolving proceses to keep that data up to date and available for customers to review. Processes have to be developed for customers to be able to see data kept on them, correct that data and even erase Personal Data in some circumstances.

Businesses not familiar with these stringent legal requirements - supported by an enforcement regime - can find this maze of regulations daunting. And with Brexit, a further complication arises. Data passing between EU and non-EU countries - as the UK now is, must have additional transparency with equivalent processes in place.

Not all data is subject to these requirements but Local4You can advise and help your business meet the new challenges associated with Personal Data.

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